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Afternoon study on Alchemy

Dr. Barbara Helen Miller

On Saturday afternoon, May 25th, 2019 from 13.30 tot 16.00 o'clock, the board of the C.G. Jung Library organizes a study in the afternoon at its location in Hilversum.
You are welcome from 13.00 o'clock onwards (we receive you with coffee and tea) and afterwards we serve a drink.

This time the theme is ALCHEMY, based on the book by Edward Edinger: 'Anatomy of the Psyche - Alchemical Symbolism in Psychotherapy' and Holbeins's Image of The Dance of Death, 1538. → Read more and view the image

Members of IVAP and NAAP, but also others who are interested, are very welcome.

Cost: € 15 payable to NL77 INGB 0660 893681 to N.A. Fryars, citing: Workshop 26-05-2018.
After payment and registration via the form underneath, you will receive a response and the address where we expect you.



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The workshop of last year

On Saturday-afternoon, May 26th 2018 in the C.G. Jung Library, Hilversum, a workshop was planned by the board of the library.

The meeting was characterized by active exploration of and exchange between the participants: IVAP-members, followers of the NAAP-Dream Seminar (2017-2018) and some students of the University of Leiden (following a course on Jung in 2018).

Jung’s hermeneutics (see below) was the point of departure.
Dr. Barbara Miller lead the participants in active exploration and Jungian interpretation of a dream and a fitting fairytale.
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The essential character of hermeneutics, a science which was widely practiced in former times, consists in making successive additions of other analogies to the analogy given in the symbol: in the first place of subjective analogies produced at random by the patient, and then of objective analogies found by the analyst in the course of erudite research. This procedure widens and enriches the initial symbol, and the final outcome is an infinitely complex and varied picture, in which certain 'lines' of psychological development stand out as possibilities that are at once individual and collective…. Their validity is proved by their intense value for life.
(C. G. Jung Collected Works, Volume 7, paragraph 495)

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Now the governance structure is as follows:

  • Barbara Miller, chairman, representing NAAP
  • Bram van Tol, secretary, representing IVAP
  • Nick Fryars, treasurer
  • Harm Knoop, member, representing IVAP
  • Christopher Mead, member, representing NAAP

The meetings in the C.G.Jung Library on are open to members and non-members.

On Saturday, January 31, 2015, the Library organized a lecture event about "Under the spell of Jung" with Tjeu van den Berk.

C.G.JungBibliotheek - lezing Tjeu van den Berk

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ISBN: 9789021143675