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2024 Saturday June 1
Myths & The Hero with a Thousand Faces Joseph Campbell

In this lecture, the various steps of the Hero's Journey are explained of a number of myths and fairy tales. The central question here is how you can achieve these stages recognize myths and make them meaningful (again) in your own life (or that of your clients). What did Campbell mean by his statement 'Myths open life'?
Information about the introducer: Brigitta Oudega was trained as a lawyer worked in the legal profession and in business. She chose a different path and ended up in psychology through a mediation course. Thereby she also came into contact with Jung's ideas, which are a lasting source of inspiration for her. She works as a psychologist at a mental health institution.

Date Saturday June 1, 2024
Meeting Library in Hilversum
1:30 pm to 4:00 pm
(doors open at 1:00 pm)
Costs€ 15
Presenter Brigitta Oudega
Main language    Dutch

You can register for this study afternoon from March 1st onward on this page: pagina Actueel.

2023 The Kristine Mann Library cordially invited you to join them for a special event on November 4th

Living Wholeness: the life and work of Barbara Hannah presented by Elizabeth Colistra.
Barbara Hannah was an extraordinary woman and Jungian analyst who lived according to the principle of individuation and the archetype of wholeness. After analyzing with Jung and his associates, Barbara Hannah became an analyst in her own right, lecturing widely and publishing several books related to the concepts of analytical psychology as well as a biography of Jung. At Jung's suggestion Barbara Hannah shared a home with Marie-Louise von Franz for nearly twenty five years. This presentation will highlight how her devotion to the unconscious and the process of wholeness led to a meaningfully lived life.
Please find the link to the EventBrite RSVP at junglibrary.org/events

Presented by: Elizabeth Colistra, PhD, LPC, LP is a certified Jungian analyst, Licensed Professional Counselor, and Licensed Psychoanalyst with a private practice in the French Quarter in New Orleans. She trained at the C.G. Jung Institute of New York and the Jungian Psychoanalytic Association while completing her doctorate from Pacifica Graduate Institute. She is a faculty member of the New Orleans Jungian Seminar and an analyst member of the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts.
The Kristine Mann Award for Research in Analytical Psychology is an annual award whose aim is to encourage research in all scholarly, historical, and theoretical (non-clinical) areas of Jungian studies. It is open to all certified Jungian analysts, analysts-in-training, doctoral students and others engaged in research and scholarship that is of interest to the Jungian community.

2023 Interactive Workshop
Saturday June 3

In our Library in Hilversum, the board organized an interactive workshop with the theme
'Edward Edinger about Jungs ideas'.
The meeting was led by drs. Eduard Verbree.

2022 Study evening
Friday May 27

On Friday, May 27, 2022, in the evening from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, the library board is organizing a study meeting on alchemy, focusing on Parcival and the Grail legend.
The meeting is hosted by Barbara Helen Miller.

Perceval was seen as a monster for failing to respond to the suffering of the Grail King, but he was also known to be the redeemer for the realm’s suffering.

In Perceval’s story he makes the perilous journey for the treasure hard to attain. Emma Jung (1960) elucidates the history for the Grail legend whereby we see that the Grail is both the alchemical philosopher’s stone and the chalice in which Christ’s blood was collected.

The redemption motif in Alchemy plays out in the composition of the philosopher’s stone. Hence the composition process for Perceval and the philosopher’s stone point to a similar process. Perceval’s greater personality is being extracted by his experiences.


Now the governance structure is as follows:

  • Barbara Miller, chairman
  • Bram van Tol, secretary
  • Eduard Verbree, treasurer

The meetings of the C.G.Jung Library on are open to members and non-members of the IVAP.

News - Princeton University Press - PUP

We are thrilled to share news of a major new initiative: the publication of The Critical Edition of the Works of C. G. Jung. As the longtime publisher of the Collected Works of C. G. Jung in North America, PUP is honored to be global publisher of the Critical Edition, having recently secured world language rights and the support from the Foundation for the Works of C. G. Jung in Zürich, who will be facilitating and guiding access to documents and letters and providing its expertise to this major undertaking based on family archives.

Led by general editor Sonu Shamdasani — a preeminent expert on Jung who edited and co-translated The Red Book: Liber Novus, among many other projects. This ambitious, multi-year undertaking will result in 26 volumes of material, all newly translated by Caitlin Stephens, that will bring the Swiss psychologist’s formidable work to new life for a new generation of readers. Volumes will feature a scholarly apparatus, including historical introductions, contextual annotations that will draw heavily on Jung’s unpublished correspondences, and variorum presentations of works that went through multiple editions, noting revisions. Alongside the general editor, Jung historians Gaia Domenici, Martin Liebscher, and Christopher Wagner will serve as volume editors. Work on the project will begin on April 1st 2024, with ensuing volumes published in chronological order and in cloth and e-book formats. Find FAQs and sign up for updates here.

2021 Study afternoon
Jung and Etty Hillesum

On May 29, 2021 the study was provided by drs. Harm Knoop.
Etty Hillesum found one of her most important sources of inspiration in Jung. Despite her early and cruel death (Auschwitz 1943), her life is known or recognized as a road to individuation.

2020 Study afternoon on the I Ching

Images taken on June 6th 2020 the Library during a Zoom-Seminar with Qi Zhang:

C.G.JungBibliotheek - Qi Zhang Zoom-Seminar
  C.G.JungBibliotheek - Qi Zhang Zoom-Seminar
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2019 Study

A study on ALCHEMY, based on the book by Edward Edinger: 'Anatomy of the Psyche - Alchemical Symbolism in Psychotherapy' and Holbeins's Image of The Dance of Death. → Read more

2018 workshop

Jung’s hermeneutics was the point of departure; an active exploration led by Dr. Barbara Miller.