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2021 Study afternoon
on Jung and Etty Hillesum

On Saturday afternoon, May 29, 2021, the library board organizes its annual study afternoon. Members of IVAP and NAAP, as well as other interested parties, are very welcome to join via Zoom. The theme of this afternoon is Jung and Etty Hillesum.
The afternoon is provided by drs. Harm Knoop and will be in Dutch.

It is evident that Carl Gustav Jung has made quite a difference in the lives of many with his fundamental discoveries and insights. During the study afternoon, the road Etty Hilledum took, is central. She found one of her most important sources of inspiration in Jung. Despite her early and cruel death (Auschwitz 1943), her life is known or recognized as a road to individuation.

You can register for this study afternoon from March 1st onward on this page pagina Actueel.

2020 Study afternoon on the I Ching

Images taken on June 6th 2020 the Library during a Zoom-Seminar with Qi Zhang:

C.G.JungBibliotheek - Qi Zhang Zoom-Seminar
  C.G.JungBibliotheek - Qi Zhang Zoom-Seminar
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Now the governance structure is as follows:

  • Barbara Miller, chairman, representing NAAP
  • Bram van Tol, secretary, representing IVAP
  • Eduard Verbree, treasurer
  • Harm Knoop, member, representing IVAP
  • Christopher Mead, member, representing NAAP

The meetings in the C.G.Jung Library on are open to members and non-members.

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