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of the C.G. Jung Library

Contents of the Collection

The collected works of C.G. Jung in Dutch, English and German language form the central core of the library. Connected to this are individual works by Jung in various languages.


A third category is works in various languages by 'Jungians', i.e. authors, who are familiar with the ideas of Jung by virtue of their profession or interest.

Works related to analytical psychology

A fourth category includes books and writings on topics related to analytical psychology, like dreams, myths, fairy tales, alchemy, gnosis, religion, mysticism, art and culture.

Other works

A fifth category includes works relating to other psychologies and psychotherapies.
The library also has an updated collection of international journals.

of the C.G. Jung Library

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Acquisitions 2017

  • Jung and the Question of Science
    The book comprises a collection of eight essays and five dialogues by Raya A. Jones, Robert A. Sagal and other authors. It brings to the foreground a controversial issue at the heart of contemporary Jungian studies.
    Pages 191
    Routledge 2014

  • Jung in Amersfoort

    A collection of reports of the Jung-lectures from april 1935, hold in the ‘Internationale School voor Wijsbegeerte’ at Amersfoort. Collected and annotated by Dr. Tjeu van den Berk.
    Pages 40
    Printed as Jung-Bulletin

  • Yearbook 2017 of the C.G. Jung-Society with contributions of Tom Jorna, Wouter Kusters, Maria Kardaun, Herbert van Erkelens and Roderick Main.
    Pages 110
    Druk Wilco, Amersfoort

Acquisition 2015

  • Wayenburg, G.A.M. van (red):
    Compte rendu des travaux du Ier congrès international de psychiatrie, de neurologie, de psychologie et de l'assistence des aliénés.

    Tenu à Amsterdam du 2 à 7 Septembre 1907 rédigé par G. van Wayenburg,
    Amsterdam: J.H. de Bussy, 1908.