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Seminar iChing - symbolic language

Deze cursus is Engelstalig

Date 2020   21 Maart
Location Eerste Weteringplantsoen 2C
1017 SJ Amsterdam
Time 13:30 -16:00


Register by sending an e-mail with your name, and the date you wish to attend to millerbh@telfort.nl, a reply mail will provide instructions for payment. The cost is € 40 per Saturday. Confirmation shall be sent.


To know how to create your own life, it is helpful to know how life itself creates. How the energy of the universe is transformed into specific outcomes. With this iChing workshop series you will be introduced to an ancient model that explains how the energy of the universe flows into and out of physical reality. Learning how to work with this natural flow will allow you to maximize your contribution and create a life that supports your reason for existing.

The Presenter:

Qi Zhang holds a Master Degree in International Business, and is a member of the executive coaching team for the EMBA programs at top business schools in Europe and Asia. She is the founding director of Bridge & Enrich Consultancy based in Switzerland and specializes in helping individuals and organizations navigate through change. Her knowledge and experience of ancient Chinese wisdom, Chinese medicine, Jungian depth psychology and group dynamics enables her to bridge the East and West, and more specifically combine the iChing (Book of Change) wisdom with personal and organizational development.

2019 Seminar iChing - symbolic language

Dates 2019   28 September; 19 October; 9 November
Location Eerste Weteringplantsoen 2C
1017 SJ Amsterdam
Time 13:30 -16:00

28 September 2019, in English
Qi Zhang: Fundamentals – The principles of change
Explore the messages embedded in the "Taiji" symbol.

19 October 2019, in English
Qi Zhang: Elementals – The energy units
iChing 8 elemental forces that are mirrored in one’s inner universe and the connection with synchronicity.

9 November 2019, in English
Qi Zhang: Living the duality: feminine and masculine
Explore Yin and Yang at the energy level and how this interplay connects with balance and conflict.


De bestuurssamenstelling is als volgt:

  • Barbara Miller, voorzitter,
    lid namens de NAAP
  • Bram van Tol, secretaris,
    lid namens de IVAP
  • Eduard Verbree, penningmeester
  • Harm Knoop,
    lid namens de IVAP
  • Christopher Mead,
    lid namens de NAAP

Bijeenkomsten in de C.G.Jung Bibliotheek zijn toegankelijk voor leden en niet-leden.

Bij de lezing op 31 januari 2015 stond onderstaand boek van Tjeu van den Berk centraal:

C.G.JungBibliotheek - lezing Tjeu van den Berk

544 pagina's | Paperback
ISBN: 9789021143675
Uitgeverij Meinema

De workshop 2018

Bij de workshop van 26 mei 2018 stond de actieve exploratie en uitwisseling tussen de deelnemers centraal.
Dr. Barbara Miller leidde deze workshop. De basis was een tekst van Jung over hermeneutiek. → Read more / Close

The essential character of hermeneutics, a science which was widely practiced in former times, consists in making successive additions of other analogies to the analogy given in the symbol: in the first place of subjective analogies produced at random by the patient, and then of objective analogies found by the analyst in the course of erudite research. This procedure widens and enriches the initial symbol, and the final outcome is an infinitely complex and varied picture, in which certain 'lines' of psychological development stand out as possibilities that are at once individual and collective…. Their validity is proved by their intense value for life.
(C. G. Jung Collected Works, Volume 7, paragraph 495)

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Studiemiddag 2019

Op 25 mei 2019 was het thema dit keer ALCHEMIE; onder leiding van Dr. Barbara Helen Miller werd uitgegaan van het boek van Edward Edinger ‘Anatomy of the Psyche – Alchemical Symbolism in Psychotherapy’ en van de afbeelding van Holbein's Dodendans uit 1538.
→ Lees verder en bekijk de afbeelding