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Studiemiddagen over de I Ching

Datum6 + 20 juni 2020
Ontmoeting online via Zoom
Tijd13:30 - 16:00 uur
Kosten€ 15 / € 25
Spreker 6 juniQi Zhang
Sprekers 20 juni  Qi Zhang and Barbara Helen Miller
VoertaalEngels en Nederlands

Vanwege COVID-19 waren de sessies niet in de bibliotheek, maar via ZOOM.

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Seminar I Ching – symbolic language - in collaboration with CG Jung Library and NAAP

I Ching
C. G. Jung's foreword to the English publication of Richard Wilhelm’s translation of I Ching states: 'The I Ching does not offer itself with proofs and results; it does not vaunt itself, nor is it easy to approach. Like a part of nature, it waits until it is discovered’ (Jung 1950). C. G. Jung credits Chinese philosophy with having similarities to his psychology. Should we not explore just what these similarities are? One similarity: the concept of Tao in Chinese philosophy, also simply called Way, can work well to express the archetypal process of individuation.

6 June 2020
With this I Ching workshop you will be introduced to an ancient model that explains how the energy of the universe flows into and out of physical reality. Learning how to work with this natural flow will allow you to maximize your contribution and create a life that supports your reason for existing. That is, to know how to create your own life, it is helpful to know how life itself creates. How the energy of the universe is transformed into specific outcomes.

1) Fundamentals – The principles of change, explores the messages embedded in the 'tai chi' symbol. 2) Elementals – The energy units in I Ching are eight elemental forces that are mirrored in one's inner universe and show connections with synchronicities.

The Presenter: Qi Zhang holds a Master Degree in International Business, and is a member of the executive coaching team for the EMBA programs at top business schools in Europe and Asia. She is the founding director of Bridge & Enrich Consultancy based in Switzerland and specializes in helping individuals and organizations navigate through change. Her knowledge and experience of ancient Chinese wisdom, Chinese medicine, Jungian depth psychology and group dynamics enables her to bridge the East and West, and more specifically combine the I Ching (Book of Change) wisdom with personal and organizational development.

20 June 2020
Barbara Miller and Qi Zhang, a European analytical psychologist and a Chinese I Ching expert, respond to Jung’s call to explore and discover the extensive resource that is the I Ching. We hope to shape a common story that inspires future practice through a collaborative study of Jungian analytical psychology and the Chinese I Ching. Our project: we compare the approach, the setting, the content, and the outcome of an I Ching reading session and an analytical psychology dream session. We consider the practice of analytical psychology and I Ching consultations to be supportive for the process of individuation. The process of individuation reveals the sense of purpose in the realization and integration of unconscious compensation. ‘This phenomenon is a kind of development process in the personality itself’ (Jung 1916/1957, CW 8, ¶550) ‘a process not of dissolution but of construction, in which thesis and antithesis both play their part’ (Jung 1921/1971, CW 6, ¶827). Yin and Yang (that evolved from the metaphors creative/receptive) are, within I Ching’s 64 hexagrams, a rich and resourceful manifestation of the energy change-dynamics found in nature and in human life. Each hexagram is an opposite binding symbol with transforming potentials. The hexagram’s presentation of the opposites, and their potential union in forming a new symbol, enables confrontation and reconciliation, effects that are comparable to dream analysis in assisting the individuation process.

The Presenters: Qi Zhang and Barbara Helen Miller, Ph.D., Jungian analyst in private practice in Hilversum, was the second solo-cellist with the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra of the Netherlands for thirteen years. On returning to academia, received the Master of Arts in Psychology and Religion, and the Ph.D. in Anthropology from Leiden University. Her research was among the Sámi (Northern Norway) on traditional healing practice, and continues with the Research Group Circumpolar Cultures, resulting in numerous publications. She is a member of the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP), the Association of Graduate Analytical Psychologists (AGAP), and the Netherlands Association for Analytical Psychology (NAAP).

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Leden van de IVAP en de NAAP, maar ook andere geïnteresseerden waren van harte welkom.

Beelden van 6 juni 2020; een Zoom-Seminar met Qi Zhang:

C.G.JungBibliotheek - Qi Zhang Zoom-Seminar
  C.G.JungBibliotheek - Qi Zhang Zoom-Seminar
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De bestuurssamenstelling is als volgt:

  • Barbara Miller, voorzitter,
    lid namens de NAAP
  • Bram van Tol, secretaris,
    lid namens de IVAP
  • Eduard Verbree, penningmeester
  • Harm Knoop,
    lid namens de IVAP
  • Christopher Mead,
    lid namens de NAAP

Bijeenkomsten in de C.G.Jung Bibliotheek zijn toegankelijk voor leden en niet-leden.

De workshop 2018

Bij de workshop van 26 mei 2018 stond de actieve exploratie en uitwisseling tussen de deelnemers centraal.
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Studiemiddag 2019

Op 25 mei 2019 was het thema dit keer ALCHEMIE; onder leiding van Dr. Barbara Helen Miller werd uitgegaan van het boek van Edward Edinger ‘Anatomy of the Psyche – Alchemical Symbolism in Psychotherapy’ en van de afbeelding van Holbein's Dodendans uit 1538.
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